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Three Ways To Move Forward In Life When You Feel Like You're Stuck In A Rut

by Elizabeth Barnes

Do you feel like your life has been stagnant for too long? Maybe you want to make a big change, or maybe you just know that something needs to change--but you're just not sure how to get out of the rut you're in. Here are a few tips to help you move past this low point and on to bigger and better things.

Listen to Positive Podcasts

Try downloading a few positive podcasts that you can listen to on your way to work, when you're cooking at home, or even when you're getting ready for bed at night. Podcasts on the value of positive thinking, knowing your self-worth, and empowering yourself are all good choices. Listening to such podcasts will put you in the can-do mindset that you need to move past this rut in your life. You may have to experiment with a few podcasts before you find one that really "clicks" with you, but it's well worth the time spent experimenting.

Formulate a "Step One"

The first step you take towards bigger and better things will be the hardest one that you take. So spend some time preparing for this step in advance so you can take it with confidence. If you're not sure what that step should be, talk with some friends and try to decide where you want to be five years from now. Do you want to be working as a nurse rather than in real estate? Then perhaps your first step is to visit the local community college and ask what qualifications you need to enter their nursing program. Do you want to be in a relationship rather than single? Then putting a dating profile up on a dating website might be your first step.

Start Exercising

Even if your goals have nothing to do with exercise, beginning an exercise routine is a powerful way to break out of a rut. The endorphins your body produces when you exercise will make you feel motivated and confident. Plus, you'll be setting goals for your life and working hard to achieve them -- something you can then carry on into other aspects of your life. Choose an exercise program you enjoy, whether that be yoga, jogging, dance, or basketball, and commit yourself to sticking to it for 30 days. You'll be amazed how many things in your life change in those 30 days, thanks to the power of exercise and endorphins.